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Elegance - Class - Style - Modesty


Looking for a statement piece for a special affair or would like to add some select pieces to your ensemble of accessories? Cathy’s exclusive collection of authentic pieces will place you in your own league of fashion and style. Because these pieces are exclusive duplicates are seldom available. So when you see it, buy it –immediately!

Personal Styling

Providing professional advice and/or assistance for clients on how to improve their body image by selecting clothing and accessories that complement their figure that is suitable for their unique lifestyle.

V.I.P. Styling

Returning VIP clients can have Cathy shop and dress them for events continuously throughout the year.

Shopping Excursions

Cathy will join you on a shopping excursion to update your look, select attire for a special occasion and help you either add some new pieces to your existing wardrobe or rebuild it from scratch. She will help assemble full ensemble that will include accessories, suits, ties, shoes and the basics (proper undergarments).

Help Me Now

Have an event coming up and you haven’t had time to pull together your attire? Call me now and I’ll walk you through the process. Send me a full body photo with your top, bottom and shoe size. I’ll put together your ensemble –just like that!

One-on-One Assessment

Cathy will schedule a one-hour consultation to hold a candid conversation with clients to discuss their fashion goals as well as how she can work closely with them to successfully achieve their new look based on their own unique figure and style. Assessment can be scheduled via video chat or traditional conference call. An assessment form will be emailed.

Wardrobe Assessment/Closet Organization

Cathy comes to you for a personal home visit to assess your wardrobe by helping you decide which items to donate/discard or store away. This appointment will end with full organization of your closet space. Clients must provide photos prior to the appointment for full assessment/consultation.

Fashion Consulting

Cathy will assist clients with creating an attractive and positive body image by wearing the proper clothing for their skin ton and body type. This is a virtual consultation in which colors, ensembles and overall looks will be put together via fashion board. This is to service is to ignite the client’s intuition for fashion.

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