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What our clients have to say


“Cathy gets it right every single time. I totally trust her judgement, which has helped to build my confidence. Now I’m not intimidated by the shopping process. Honored to have Cathy as my go-to-stylist.” - Kandra A., Gainesville, FL. Author, Children’s Advocate and Literary Coach

“I had the pleasure of having a Cathy Norman experience to prepare for my first photo shoot for my organization. She was absolutely meticulous in choosing my attire and of course the accessories. It was if she had a vision of what she envisioned I should look like for the shoot. She made all of the right choices in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend Cathy and her impeccable services.” - Ellie C.,- founder and CEO of CHANGE

"I have asked Cathy on numerous occasions for her fashion advice. I trust her, because she is always on point. You wouldn’t go to a hair stylist whose hair is never styled; the same is true for fashion. The exclusive pieces are one of a kind. Cathy has never disappointed me and I completely trust her fashion sense." - Alisha W., Gainesville, FL., Wife, mother and professional.​

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